April 2024 | Vol.XXXVI No. 4

Bringing It All Back Home

The events in Gaza, one-third of the way around the world, are impacting our students, our faculty and staff, local City Councils, State Legislatures, and even the US Presidential race.

From The Faculty Chair
Spring Updates from the Faculty Committees

As you may know, faculty governance at MIT operates in two modes: through our traditionally open monthly meetings and through a system of standing committees.

Presentation to the Institute Faculty Meeting

It is a pleasure to have the opportunity to address you on the origins and current working of the MIT Faculty Newsletter.

Discussing Research Security with Research Groups

The November 2022 report of the MIT China Strategy Group, co-chaired by Richard Lester and Lily Tsai, grappled with how the Institute can preserve its fundamental commitment to open scientific exchange and collaboration while taking fine-tuned steps to address known security risks and ethical risks.

Planning for Commencement 2024

The multi-day MIT Commencement ceremony that was introduced in 2022 has been well received.

Phi Beta Kappa at MIT: A Golden Opportunity to Recognize Undergraduate Excellence

Did you know that MIT’s chapter of the national honor society Phi Beta Kappa annually recognizes around 75-90 senior undergraduates for their broad excellence and achievements in liberal arts and sciences?

Nominate a Colleague to Run for Election to the Faculty Newsletter Editorial Board

The annual election for membership to the Faculty Newsletter Editorial Board will be held later this spring.

A Letter to the Media and to Congress from MIT Faculty: How Fear Has Been Weaponized to Suppress Free Speech

We represent a group of 32 MIT faculty from various disciplines. Today we write a public letter to set the record straight about what is happening on our campus.

Questioning the “Mea Culpa”: Mathematically and Administratively

I am a first-year PhD student in the EECS department studying quantum information. I was also, along with other students, ejected from the February 14 Institute faculty meeting without reasonable cause.

A Statement on Jewish Activism, Safety, and Recent Events at MIT

MIT Jews for Ceasefire
We, the MIT Jews for Ceasefire, a group of Jewish students, staff, and faculty, are writing to ask you, members of the faculty, to challenge the widely reported claim that pro-Palestinian activism on campus constitutes an antisemitism problem.

Is Antisemitism One of MIT’s Values?

David Etlin
President Sally Kornbluth’s testimony at the widely viewed congressional hearing on campus antisemitism prompted an outcry, including bipartisan condemnation.