April 2024Vol.XXXVI No. 4

Nominate a Colleague to Run for Election to the Faculty Newsletter Editorial Board

The annual election for membership to the Faculty Newsletter Editorial Board will be held later this spring. All MIT faculty and emeritus faculty are eligible to be nominated by the FNL Nominations Committee.

Members of the Editorial Board serve three-year terms and are eligible to run for re-election. Membership criteria include:

  • commitment to defending an independent voice of the faculty
  • a professional situation that doesn’t require close support from any sector of the administration
  • gender and disciplinary diversity

Duties include attending three Editorial Board meetings per academic year; participating in the writing of at least one editorial and offering input on the content of at least one issue of the Newsletter per academic year; and whenever possible participating in whatever forums or other events sponsored by the FNL.

If you would like to advance a colleague or yourself for possible nomination, please email a brief (a paragraph or two) description of yourself and why you’d like to be a member of the Editorial Board to fnl@mit.edu. All emails must be received by Monday, April 29.