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Vol. XXXIV No. 5May/June 2022

MIT and a Green New Deal for Cambridge

Quinton Zondervan
MIT was founded in 1861, at the start of the war over slavery, to catalyze the Industrial Revolution in America. In that regard it has been spectacularly successful. Industrialization itself...

Vol. XXXIV No. 4March/April 2022

MIT Values Statement

Excellence and Curiosity We strive for the highest standards of integrity, and intellectual and creative excellence. We seek new knowledge and practical impact, in service to the nation and the...

Vol. XXXIV No. 4March/April 2022

On the Cancellation of Dorian Abbot

To The Faculty Newsletter: As the father of a recent MIT grad (class of 2021) I heartily agree with the open letter from numerous MIT faculty regarding Prof. Abbot’s canceled...

Vol. XXXIV No. 4March/April 2022

Elevating Design at MIT Through the Morningside Academy

John Ochsendorf, Maria Yang
MIT has areas of tremendous strength in design education and research, but we have not been greater than the sum of our parts. Over the last 18 months, faculty and...

Vol. XXXIV No. 4March/April 2022

Leo Marx

Ruth Perry
Leo Marx died a few weeks ago at the advanced age of 102. He was one of the leading scholars of his generation in America, a classic humanist, using the...

Vol. XXXIV No. 4March/April 2022

On Closing the MIT Pharmacy

Nazli Choucri, Ruth Perry, Nasser Rabbat
The stark statement announcing the closing of the MIT Pharmacy was like pouring concrete over green grass. Stunned silence – powerful and persistent – has been followed by disbelief, disappointment,...

Vol. XXXIV No. 4March/April 2022

Graduate Students Vote to Unionize

Jonathan A. King, Robert P. Redwine
The vote of graduate students to unionize may represent a sea change in the relationships of graduate students to their peers, their faculty mentors, and to the MIT administration. We...

Vol. XXXIV No. 4March/April 2022

from the MIT 2021 Commuter Survey

Limited to respondents who answered mode of travel for all five days of the week. Data as of October 2021. Source: Office of the Provost/Institutional Research...
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