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Protein Folding and Aggregation, Mentoring, and a Molecular Food Recipe

Anna Mitraki Professor at the Department of Materials Science and Technology University of Crete and affiliated Research Scientist at IESL, FORTH Greece Alexander the Great in a historical statement,...

Vol. XXXIV No. 2November/December 2021

Open Letter to MIT Faculty from the MIT Institute for Work and Employment Research

November 4, 2021 Dear Colleagues: As faculty in the MIT Institute for Work and Employment Research (IWER), we study a wide range of work and employment relations topics, including union-management...

Vol. XXXIV No. 2November/December 2021

Academic Freedom and Freedom of Expression

Sally Haslanger
Academic freedom and the right to freedom of speech or expression are related, but distinct. The legal right to freedom of speech only limits the state (originally only Congress) from...

Vol. XXXIV No. 2November/December 2021

Is MIT Losing Control of its Own Destiny?

Eduardo Kausel, John Williams
Most people will take for granted that MIT is currently the most preeminent technical university in the world, and that it will remain so for the foreseeable future. Its prestige...

Vol. XXXIV No. 2November/December 2021

Improving MIT’s Written Commitment to Freedom of Expression

Alex Byrne, Bernhardt Trout
There is no single place in MIT’s official documentation where the Institute’s commitment to free expression on campus for all community members is clearly and prominently set out. Policies &...

Vol. XXXIV No. 2November/December 2021

MIT’s Endowment Returns and Fossil Fuels

Rafael Jaramillo
To the Faculty Newsletter: The announcement on October 14 of MIT’s spectacular endowment returns frames a question: How much less spectacular might the return have been if MIT had been...

Vol. XXXIV No. 2November/December 2021

Feedback on the First Draft of MIT’s “Five-year Strategic Action Plan for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion”

Richard C. Larson
Thank you for inviting all members of the MIT community to submit their feedback on this important report. I am an MIT lifer who entered as a freshman in 1961,...

Developing Human gD-crystallins as an Experimental System for Studying Beta Sheet Folding and Cataract FormationM

Melissa Kosinski-Collins Melissa S. Kosinski-Collins, Ph.D. Professor of Biology Brandeis University MS 008, SSC 016A Waltham, MA 02454 The first time I met Jonathan, I was 21. I was...

A Marine Photosynthetic Pair: Synechococcus WH8109 and Cyanophage Syn5

Jacqueline Piret, PhD I had the good fortune to spend time in the King Lab as a visitor from across the river. I had earned my Ph.D. (1981) at...
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