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Vol. XXXIV No. 3January/February 2022

A Unifying Online Proposal for MIT’s Educational Mission Based on Open edX

David E. Pritchard
Introduction and Vision MIT was born as an undergraduate institution to prepare students for jobs as “industrial scientists.” Today its vast impact is mainly due to its graduate students, postdocs,...

Vol. XXXIV No. 3January/February 2022

Selecting a New President

Sally Haslanger, Jonathan A. King, Ceasar McDowell, Ruth Perry, Nasser Rabbat
In its 156 years, MIT will begin selecting a new president for the nineteenth time. The MIT Corporation will make the selection informed by the recommendation of a Search Committee....

Vol. XXXIV No. 4March/April 2022

MIT Opens Learning for Refugees

Admir Masic
It’s December 2016, and I’ve just arrived in the port town of Pozzallo in Sicily, where I am watching a group of boys playing soccer. The boys are animated and...

Vol. XXXIV No. 4March/April 2022

An Astronaut on the MIT Faculty

Jeffrey Hoffman
Explanatory Note: Prior to joining the faculty of MIT’s Aero/Astro Department, I was a NASA astronaut for 19 years. I was contacted earlier this year by Emeritus Professor Jonathan King,...

Vol. XXXIV No. 4March/April 2022

Creating the MIT Values Statement

Daniel E. Hastings, Tracy Gabridge
Dear Colleagues, We are delighted to share with you the MIT Values Statement​, the product of more than a year’s worth of broad consultation and serious debate by a group...

Vol. XXXIV No. 4March/April 2022

On the Cancellation of Dorian Abbot

To The Faculty Newsletter: As the father of a recent MIT grad (class of 2021) I heartily agree with the open letter from numerous MIT faculty regarding Prof. Abbot’s canceled...

Vol. XXXIV No. 5May/June 2022

from the 2022 MIT Quality of Life Survey

Main Campus Employees and Students Source: Office of the Provost/Institutional Research...

Vol. XXXIV No. 4March/April 2022

Elevating Design at MIT Through the Morningside Academy

John Ochsendorf, Maria Yang
MIT has areas of tremendous strength in design education and research, but we have not been greater than the sum of our parts. Over the last 18 months, faculty and...

Vol. XXXIV No. 4March/April 2022

Leo Marx

Ruth Perry
Leo Marx died a few weeks ago at the advanced age of 102. He was one of the leading scholars of his generation in America, a classic humanist, using the...
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