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Unique Fluorescence Property of Human gamma-Crystallins

Jiejin Chen, Ph.D. Senior Scientist Takeda Pharmaceutical Cambridge, MA 02139 Will Never Forget . . . . Jon took me to his lab as a graduate student and guided...

Vol.XXXV No. 4May/June 2023

Congratulations to our Graduates of the Years of the Pandemic

The Editorial Board of the MIT Faculty Newsletter
MIT’s Faculty values and takes particular pride in the accomplishments of your Class of 2023, who have overcome unprecedented stresses in the path to graduation. Many of us find it...

Vol.XXXV No. 4May/June 2023

Letter to the MIT Faculty: MIT Grad Student Union Bargaining Update

MIT GSU Bargaining Committee
During the MIT administration’s negotiations with the Graduate Student Union this spring, the faculty have received several updates by email from the administration about the state of the bargaining process....

Vol. XXXIV No. 4March/April 2022

Graduate Students Vote to Unionize

Jonathan A. King, Robert P. Redwine
The vote of graduate students to unionize may represent a sea change in the relationships of graduate students to their peers, their faculty mentors, and to the MIT administration. We...

Vol.XXXVI No. 4April 2024

Spring Updates from the Faculty Committees

Mary C. Fuller
As you may know, faculty governance at MIT operates in two modes: through our traditionally open monthly meetings and through a system of standing committees. Last month, I wrote about...

Vol.XXXVI No. 4April 2024

A Letter to the Media and to Congress from MIT Faculty: How Fear Has Been Weaponized to Suppress Free Speech

Michel DeGraff, Tanalís Padilla,
On Monday, March 25th, an excerpt of the below letter was published in The New York Times Letters to the Editor section. We had to significantly edit it in order...

Vol.XXXVI No. 4April 2024

Phi Beta Kappa at MIT: A Golden Opportunity to Recognize Undergraduate Excellence

Emily Richmond Pollock
Did you know that MIT’s chapter of the national honor society Phi Beta Kappa annually recognizes around 75-90 senior undergraduates for their broad excellence and achievements in liberal arts and...

Vol.XXXVI No. 4April 2024

Planning for Commencement 2024

James Poterba
The multi-day MIT Commencement ceremony that was introduced in 2022 has been well received. Commencement 2024 will follow the same basic structure as last year’s celebration, with multiple shorter events...

Vol.XXXVI No. 4April 2024

Discussing Research Security with Research Groups

Peter H. Fisher, Gregory Moffatt
The November 2022 report of the MIT China Strategy Group, co-chaired by Richard Lester and Lily Tsai, grappled with how the Institute can preserve its fundamental commitment to open scientific...

Vol.XXXVI No. 4April 2024

Nominate a Colleague to Run for Election to the Faculty Newsletter Editorial Board

The annual election for membership to the Faculty Newsletter Editorial Board will be held later this spring. All MIT faculty and emeritus faculty are eligible to be nominated by the...
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