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Vol. XXXIV No. 5May/June 2022

Faculty-Corporation Engagement in the Triangle of MIT’s System of Shared Governance

Lily Tsai, Rick Danheiser, Robert Jaffe, Thomas Kochan
Why MIT’s system of shared governance works Engineers know about the strength of a triangle. It is a shape that is not easily distorted under pressure. Structures that use them...

Aron Bernstein: In Memoriam (Bolek Wyslouch)

We are gathered here today to celebrate the life of a passionate physicist and humanitarian, our dear colleague Aron Bernstein. Aron was one of the pillars of the Laboratory for...

Aron Bernstein: In Memoriam (Peter Fisher)

Aron Bernstein was one of the very few truly happy people I knew....

Vol. XXXV No. 1September/October 2022

Strengths and Weaknesses of an MIT Education

Daniel Jackson
To The Faculty Newsletter: Thomas Eagar and Alex Slocum nicely outlined some of MIT’s best qualities (“Leadership, Management and Education at MIT, redux“, MIT Faculty Newsletter, May/June 2022). I am...

Vol. XXXV No. 1September/October 2022

Response to “Project Indigenous MIT”

Heather Lechtman
To: David Shane Lowry From: Heather Lechtman; director, Center for Materials Research in Archaeology and Ethnology [CMRAE] Date: 14 June 2022 Hello David Shane Lowry I write in response to...

Vol. XXXV No. 1September/October 2022

Palestine, MIT, and Free Speech: A Letter from Student Activists to Our Professors

We are the MIT Coalition Against Apartheid (CAA), a student group that is the product of years of advocacy efforts by Palestinians and Palestinian rights activists. The CAA first began...

Vol. XXXV No. 1September/October 2022

Nominate a Colleague as a MacVicar Faculty Fellow

Provost Cynthia Barnhart is calling for nominations of faculty as 2023 MacVicar Faculty Fellows. The MacVicar Faculty Fellows Program recognizes MIT faculty who have made exemplary and sustained contributions to...

Vol. XXXV No. 1September/October 2022

Request for Innovative Curricular Projects; The Alex and Brit d’Arbeloff Fund for Excellence in Education

The Office of the Vice Chancellor is soliciting wide-ranging proposals to support larger-scale ambitious projects designed to strengthen MIT undergraduate education and curricula, and enrich the academic experience of our...
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