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Vol.XXXV No. 4May/June 2023

Reflecting as a Student

Christopher Noble
To The Faculty Newsletter: Concerning Craig Carter’s article, “Never Mind the Firehose, You Can’t Even Lead Them to Water” (MIT Faculty Newsletter, November/December 2022): I am not an expert at...

Vol.XXXV No. 4May/June 2023

Commentary on “Never Mind the Firehose, You Can’t Even Lead Them to Water”

Lauren Carethers
To The Faculty Newsletter: This article was very upsetting for me to read. I think it makes vast assumptions about the character and intellect of MIT’s student body without the...

Vol.XXXV No. 4May/June 2023

FNL Editorial Board Election Results: Three Re-elected; One New Member

The results are in for the recent electronic all-faculty/emeritus faculty election for members to the Faculty Newsletter Editorial Board. The only Institute election open only to all faculty and emeritus...

Vol.XXXV No. 4May/June 2023

The Brave New World of Higher Education

Daniel W. Stroock
In one capacity or another, I have spent all but the first of my 83 years at school. Until I was 26, I was a student. As such, I thought...

Vol.XXXV No. 4May/June 2023

Are MIT Faculty Serious About Addressing AI Bias?

Bernhardt L. Trout
Together with MIT students, staff, and non-MIT colleagues, I recently made an educational video on the ethics of AI bias. It was posted over a month ago on MIT’s OCW...

Vol.XXXV No. 4May/June 2023

MIT Staff Emergency Hardship Fund Offers Grants to Those in Need

Since its establishment in April 2020, the MIT Staff Emergency Hardship Fund has provided financial relief to nearly 430 staff and postdoctoral scholars, and has proven to be a vital...

Vol.XXXV No. 4May/June 2023

Neither Fire Nor Ice – Just Chatter

Haynes Miller
Once upon a time we worried that the computer would take over our spaceship, or our job. Now computers, armed with novel artificial intelligence algorithms, threaten apocalypse through something much...

Vol.XXXV No. 3January-April 2023

In Defense of Student Engagement

Sam Christian
In a recent Faculty Newsletter article, (“Never Mind the Firehose, You Can’t Even Lead Them to Water,” November/December 2022) W. Craig Carter discusses a noticeable drop in student engagement during...

Vol.XXXV No. 3January-April 2023

Candidates for Upcoming Election to Faculty Newsletter Editorial Board

The MIT Faculty Newsletter has represented the views of MIT faculty for almost 35 years. Since its inception, the Newsletter has been maintained by a volunteer Editorial Board, over time...
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