November/December 2023Vol. XXXVI No. 2

The MIT Campus Responds to Recent Events on Campus Concerning the War in the Middle East

The following six articles are all unsolicited submissions to the MIT Faculty Newsletter from Institute faculty, students, and staff, regarding recent events on the MIT campus. All contributions are the opinion(s) of the author(s), and do not reflect any editorial position of the Faculty Newsletter.

It is the general policy of the Newsletter to restrict replies to articles appearing in an issue of the Newsletter to a subsequent issue, but an exception has been made in this instance. As always, the Newsletter welcomes any contribution from an MIT faculty member or emeritus faculty member, and is open to any administrative or student contribution.

An Open Letter From Faculty & Staff Regarding Freedom of Expression and Student Safety at MIT

Thanking the Protesting Students

Engaging Constructively with Israel/Palestine

Antisemitism on Campus

What I Learned

Standing Together Against Hate: From the River to the Sea, From Gaza to MIT