May/June 2024 | Vol. XXXVI No. 5

I. Congratulations to Grads and Families II: Resolution in Support of the FNL III: Revised Policies & Procedures; Editorial Board Election; Clarification

All of you in the Class of 2024, starting your education in the midst of the worst pandemic of modern times, have overcome unprecedented stresses in your path to graduation.

The Hayden Library Renovation: Living Up to Its Promise

Five years ago, I shared in this newsletter our plans for the renovation of Hayden Library, citing the work of the Institute-wide Task Force on the Future of Libraries and its challenge to us “to use library space to best serve the evolving needs of our community.”

The Danger of Nuclear Weapons and the Efforts at MIT to Reduce the Threats

The danger of the use of nuclear weapons in conflicts between countries on Earth is difficult to overstate.

From The Faculty Chair
The News You Get From Poems

Many things are up in the air this week, and the Newsletter’s mode of static publication at a set, future time seems especially ill-suited to current conditions.

New Transportation Connectivity Has Roots at MIT

The $2 billion Allston Multimodal Project has just received a $335 million federal grant for connecting communities, giving the project new momentum and increased credibility.

Non-Native English-Speaking Graduate Students Still Face Significant Disadvantages

Almost half of MIT graduate students arrive from outside the United States and immediately enter a communication-intensive culture here in which they must understand lectures, read voluminous amounts of material, speak (and comprehend) in class and lab meetings . . .

Statement by MIT Faculty in Support of the Student Encampment on Kresge Lawn

As the Alliance of Concerned Faculty at MIT we support and affirm our students’ right to peaceful political expression and support their rights to free speech. 

From The FNL Archives
Improving Our System of Faculty Governance

Rafael L. Bras was chair of the MIT faculty from 2003-2005. Following is a reprint of his “From The Faculty Chair” column from the February/March 2004 issue of the MIT Faculty Newsletter.

No More MIT Research for Israel’s Ministry of Defense

MIT Graduate Students for Palestine
On April 19th, members of MIT’s Graduate Student Union – UE Local 256 (GSU) democratically adopted a resolution calling for a permanent ceasefire in Gaza and the MIT community to cut all research and financial ties with the Israeli military.

Antiracism or Oppression: MIT Must Choose

Black Graduate Student Association
Just after 5 pm on November 9th the MIT community bore witness to a scene that should belong to a dystopian fever dream, not a 21st century hall of learning. Dozens of MIT police officers stormed into Lobby 7, batons and pepper spray at the ready.