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Vol. XXXIII No. 4March/April 2021

Special Edition: Women in Biotech

Sangeeta Bhatia, Nancy Hopkins, Susan Hockfield
...led to the founding of the Boston Biotech Working Group; 2) Data the group gathered to document the underrepresentation of women faculty and to serve as a baseline for tracking...

Vol.XXXIII No. 1September/October 2020

Moving MIT Forward; Supporting Our Students in Making Change; Our New Website

Nazli Choucri, Sally Haslanger, Jonathan Alan King
...breakfast, and then filing the report away in a drawer (see the FNL May/June 2020 editorial). A number of graduate student organizations, including Grad Students for a Healthy MIT, the...

Insights From Aggregation Intermediates

...modeling of the gel densitometry data confirmed that aggregation occurred via the multimeric polymerization rather than the sequential polymerization mechanism. To confirm this modeling by direct measurement, we utilize two-dimensional...

Vol. XXXII No. 5May/June 2020

On the Risks and Benefits of New International Engagements

Richard Lester; the misuse of MIT’s name; the possibility of unwanted associations with unethical or illegal behavior by benefactors; or the undermining of MIT’s campus culture and core values. And the...

Phage Transition: Spatial Organization of Phage Assembly

...1— infections, we would see significant depression relative to WT. Instead, the pulse-chase data showed clearly that heads were assembled just as quickly in 1—infections as in the wild-type controls....

Vol.XXXIII No. 1September/October 2020

Highlights from the MIT 2020 Quality of Life Survey

Amy K. Glasmeier, Ken Goldsmith, Gregory Harris, Jonathan Schwarz
...questions with MIT’s quadrennial survey of faculty. The 2012 survey was repeated in 2016. The 2016 survey is one of the most used survey datasets administered by Institutional Research. In...

Vol. XXXIV No. 1September/October 2021

Praise the Vaccines, Producers, and Public Funding

Robert Berwick, Jonathan A. King, Robert P. Redwine
...the prior public investment in biomedical research: not only the basic technology for constructing the new mRNA vaccines, but also the existence of the Protein Data Bank, making the structures...

Vol. XXXIII No. 3January/February 2021

The Legacy of the Involvement of the Democratic Republic of the Congo in the Bombs Dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki

Jean Bele on Hiroshima and Chernobyl survivors. The dust from the sites and the water used for dust control contain long-lived radioisotopes that spread into the surrounding areas. Low radioactive effects...

Vol. XXXIII No. 5May/June 2021

MIT Plans for the Fall Semester

Cynthia Barnhart prepared to make changes based on the latest public health data and state and city requirements. In conclusion We owe an enormous debt of gratitude to the students, faculty,...

Vol. XXXII No. 5May/June 2020

The Case Against “#BlackLivesMatter?”

J. C. Woodard
...hashtag can encapsulate the decades of grief Black Americans have endured, nor can it enclose the numerous data points and arguments supporting our outrage. #BlackLivesMatterAsMuchAsAllOtherLivesButThatsNotWhatAmericaIsShowingUs would have been more appropriate....
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