March/April 2022 | Vol. XXXIV No. 4

An Astronaut on the MIT Faculty

Prior to joining the faculty of MIT’s Aero/Astro Department, I was a NASA astronaut for 19 years.

On Closing the MIT Pharmacy

The stark statement announcing the closing of the MIT Pharmacy was like pouring concrete over green grass.

MIT Opens Learning for Refugees

It’s December 2016, and I’ve just arrived in the port town of Pozzallo in Sicily, where I am watching a group of boys playing soccer.

Graduate Students Vote to Unionize

The vote of graduate students to unionize may represent a sea change in the relationships of graduate students to their peers, their faculty mentors, and to the MIT administration.

Creating the MIT Values Statement

We are delighted to share with you the MIT Values Statement​, the product of more than a year's worth of broad consultation and serious debate by a group we were privileged to lead, the MIT Values Statement Committee.

Elevating Design at MIT Through the Morningside Academy

MIT has areas of tremendous strength in design education and research, but we have not been greater than the sum of our parts.

In Memoriam
Leo Marx

Leo Marx died a few weeks ago at the advanced age of 102.