March/April 2022Vol. XXXIV No. 4

On the Cancellation of Dorian Abbot

To The Faculty Newsletter:

As the father of a recent MIT grad (class of 2021) I heartily agree with the open letter from numerous MIT faculty regarding Prof. Abbot’s canceled lecture. Further, I will not ever donate a cent to MIT again until MIT publicly announces policy that will prevent such a despicable act from ever happening again.

Gary Geil, MD

To The Faculty Newsletter:

The right to speak freely is absolutely, totally independent of any institutional affiliation.  Such affiliation should be based only on their objective professional competence.

So called “experts” on normative expression are no more than self-appointed priests purporting to know the will of god. They are at best, useless, and at worst, very dangerous.  Saint or monster, anyone has a right to speak and we have the right to listen or ignore, but NOT to suppress them.  

Bill Charles