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Vol. XXXII No. 5May/June 2020

Challenging Systemic Racism at MIT

Sally Haslanger, Jonathan Alan King, Helen Elaine Lee, Nasser Rabbat, Warren Seering
Following the killing of George Floyd by a white policeman on May 25, protests erupted across the nation against the grotesque wrongs of anti-black racism and its long, tenacious hold...

Vol.XXXIII No. 1September/October 2020

Gratitude for our Community’s Commitment to Reinventing MIT in the Era of Covid

Cynthia Barnhart
At the September 16, 2020 Institute faculty meeting, I shared the image below as a way to convey the breadth of Covid-19’s impact on our mission and operations – and...

Vol.XXXIII No. 1September/October 2020

Strong MIT 2020 Campus Research Performance

Maria T. Zuber
Last March, MIT’s research enterprise quickly reduced its on-campus research activity to about 10% of normal capacity as a result of the global Covid-19 pandemic. By April, plans were underway...

Vol.XXXIII No. 1September/October 2020

MISTI Global Seed Funds Call for Proposals Launched September 14

Alicia Goldstein Raun
The MISTI Global Seed Funds program enables participating teams to collaborate with international peers, either at MIT or abroad, to develop and launch joint research projects. MISTI GSF is comprised...

Vol.XXXIII No. 1September/October 2020

Beyond Risk Management? How to Learn from MIT’s International Engagements

Bish Sanyal
I was inspired by Richard Lester’s article in the May/June 2020 Faculty Newsletter (“On the Risks and Benefits of New International Engagements”) in which he laid out a comprehensive process...

Vol.XXXIII No. 1September/October 2020

Mission, Safety, Equity: Navigating Fall 2020 at MIT Libraries

Chris Bourg
Like you, we in the MIT Libraries find ourselves in a most unusual fall semester. Over the past eight months, we have aimed to balance the research and learning mission...

Vol. XXXIII No. 4March/April 2021

Comment from Maria Zuber, E. A. Griswold Professor of Geophysics and Vice President for Research

Maria Zuber
One of the things I most admire about MIT is our willingness to look at ourselves in the mirror and acknowledge that we need to do better. In 1999, MIT...

Vol. XXXIII No. 4March/April 2021

Methodological Appendix

Teresa Nelson, Dylan Nelson
Our project encompassed five operational phases between July 2019-August 2020. The overall design and management of the study was led by Dr. Teresa Nelson and the data collection team and...
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