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Chaperonin Assembly and Substrate Folding

Oksana Sergeeva 2010-2014; PhD student My years in Jon’s lab were some of the best years in my life. Not only did I love living in Cambridge and attending...

Vol. XXXIII No. 4March/April 2021

The Future Founders Initiative: Q&A with Susan Hockfield and Sangeeta Bhatia

Sangeeta Bhatia, Robert Buderi, Susan Hockfield
In the fall of 2018, three MIT faculty members affiliated with the Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research – Sangeeta Bhatia (engineering), Susan Hockfield (president emerita), and Nancy Hopkins (biology...

Vol. XXXIII No. 5May/June 2021

A Look Back and a Look Ahead

Rick L. Danheiser
In this, my final column as Chair of the Faculty, I take a look back at some of the key contributions and accomplishments of Faculty Governance during these past most...

Vol. XXXIII No. 4March/April 2021


Vol. XXXIII No. 5May/June 2021

Lily Tsai New Chair of the Faculty

Newsletter Staff
Lily L. Tsai, Ford Professor of Political Science, will succeed Rick Danheiser as Chair of the Faculty on July 1, 2021. Lily has served as Chair-Elect during the current academic...

Vol. XXXIII No. 5May/June 2021

MIT Plans for the Fall Semester

Cynthia Barnhart
At the April 21 and May 12, 2021 Institute Faculty Meetings, I joined several colleagues to update the MIT community on the state of our planning for the fall 2021...

Vol. XXXIII No. 5May/June 2021

Greetings to our Graduates in the Year of the Pandemic

The Editorial Board of the MIT Faculty Newsletter
What a year! For many of us it is hard to imagine the difficulties you have navigated through this past year of the pandemic. MIT’s faculty values and takes particular...

Vol. XXXIII No. 5May/June 2021

The Role and Reach of the MIT Faculty Newsletter; Thank You

Sally Haslanger, Jonathan A. King, Ceasar McDowell, Robert P. Redwine
Very few university faculties across the nation have an independent newsletter for their expression. Given that MIT plays a somewhat distinctive role in the national and international academic community, we...

Vol. XXXIII No. 5May/June 2021

Don’t Renew the ICBM Force, Eliminate It

Robert P. Redwine, Jonathan A. King
A pressing issue that is currently under consideration in Washington, DC is whether to replace the aging deployment of InterContinental Ballistic Missiles (ICBMs) with a new fleet of missiles. The...
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